Zekera's Reward is one half of the equipment that the pit fiend promised him in return for Meza's soul. The full reward consisted of a wondrous suit of full plate armor and a diabolic glaive. The armor was shredded to pieces by Zekera in his fury when the fiend, while all his cronies were perishing or fleeing, attempted to sneak into the cave where Meza slept. The inhumanly savage warrior clashed with the devil, each ripping limbs off the other. The glaive itself claimed Zekera's left arm, shearing through his own enchanted full plate armor. Eventually Zekera crushed the pit fiend's skull, hanging on through it's eye sockets.

What happened after Meza and Zekera's subsequent ascension is unclear. Some maintain that the surviving devils returned to take the glaive back to Abaddon. Others say that a wizard found the glaive after he came to investigate the presence of so many devils in the area.

Many people have claimed to hear of people who have seen the glaive since then, but no reliable evidence has been presented.

Zekera's Reward: Zekera's Reward is a +5 adamantine keen unholy glaive which grants its wielder the bearded devil's infernal wound supernatural ability (Monster Manual page 52) when wielding it. Furthermore, the user may cast unholy aura once per day, caster level 20th.

A good-aligned creature that touches the weapon gets four negative levels immediately. The negative levels are lost if the good creature releases the glaive.

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