If you're looking for a campaign setting to use, and you find this one, you may ask yourself, "What advantages does Polaqu hold for me?" Here is a list of both the Pros and the Cons of the Polaqu setting:


  • It's free.
  • It's collaborative, meaning anyone (even you!) can edit it. Because anyone can participate, content can grow unfettered and we harness more imaginative power than a single DM can muster on his/her own.
  • It's online. It has nearly unlimited space, so, once its big enough, you could find information from the workings of an empire to the usuals of the small inn in a backwater town.
  • It's unique. It's a setting centered on islands and seas travel, and occurs during world-engulfing war. We haven't seen any other setting that is remotely similar. Cool!
  • It contains free adventures. Don't know where to start? Then start there.
  • It's a community. If you need help running a Polaquin campaign, then there's people around to help.


  • Hardly anything is set in stone. This can be bad in terms of unbalancing statistics, unfair feats and so forth. And also, what you see on a page one time may be different or gone altogether the next time you visit. Remember, as DM, you're in charge of your own campaign. You never have to give in to unfair or unplayable "rules" simply because they are on this site.
  • It's small. This will change as more people become aware of it. So tell your friends about it!
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