Map of Vallbok


Vallbok is one of the northern countries, just north of Stormhold, east of Moolek Noor and Moolek Saar, and in the Bitter Ocean

Key Information

  • Vallbok is a confederacy made up of lizardfolk, particularly the blackscale variety (from the Monster Manual III).
  • The lizardfolk do not mind outsiders, however there are some cults dedicated to strange gods that require bloodletting and human sacrifice rituals. These cults frequently capture adventurers for their use.


Vallbok is a single nation, a confederacy of many different tribes of lizardfolk. Five tribes are the dominant ones, these are described briefly below:

  • Azto: The azto tribe is the third largest tribe on the island. Among them lie the most dangerous religious fanatics. They control the city of Etapes Burveisi Azto, north of the Vallbok Range.
  • Enigyel'yt: The enigyelyt tribe is approximately the same size as the azto. They have a rigid caste system, with three primary casts: the eni, the nobles and priests; the gye, the soldiers; and the l'yt, the commoners. They control the city bearing their name along the western coast.
  • Vati: The vati is the smallest influential tribe, with only near 2,000 members. However, from the tribe have come some of the most charismatic leaders of the island, and thus their seat is reserved at the tribe meetings. They control the city of Vati near the Vallbok Range.
  • Tudzai: The tudzai tribe is the largest tribe on the island. In their ancient past, they were allies with the demonkin, and now follow their religion. They control the city of Tudzai Retbol, near the southern coast.
  • Tege: The tege are the arcanists of the island. They believe in a greater overpower, a force that binds the universe together. This dictates their customs and behavior arond outsiders. They control the city of Tege Szeggel Veti, along the eastern coast.

Physical Features

There are three primary physical features on the island.

  • Vallbok Range: The Vallbok Range is the central mountain range of the island. It is here that the tribes meet yearly to discuss political matters and war issues.
  • Ringing Forest: The Ringing Forest is west of the Vallbok Range. Most of the tribes consider it evil, likely due to the mystical energy that stems from the rocks.
  • Great Marsh: The Great Marsh lies east of the Vallbok Range. It is a stinking wetlands from horizon to horizon, filled with unspeakable malice and evil. Much of it is holy to the azto.


Vallbok was once a warring island, as the tribes have never gotten along well. Ever since the start of the Great War, however, they have forgotten their differences, and united to keep the island under their control.

Of Interest

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