• I am a carbon-based player/DM.
  • I am a mathematician... I guess. I have a maths degree and I help companies out by doing maths for them - but there isn't really a name for my job.
  • I grew up in Switzerland but I now live in Australia, and have for the past 15-20 years or so - except for a couple of excursions to Europe.
  • I have been DMing in a world based in Polaqu for quite a few years now.

Mine pages/editsEdit

I was going to list them, but I can't be bothered. Just ID mine by the spelling and gramma errors, but none-the-less their outstanding quality. :D

Login TroublesEdit

There (was) trouble with my ability to log in, so I am also recognisable as and, previously, 220.238.something.


$ 3 + 2^2 * cos(arctanh(5/(1 + √(2))))^7 ¡™™∞¢£§¶•∞§¶ª¶–º≠«‘“πøˆ¥®∑´œœß僩∂©ƒƒ©∆˚˚¬∆…æ¬≤≥÷µ≤≥µµ≤∫˜∫˜∫√∫˜√ç∫√≈ç≈ $

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