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The Order of the slug is an unpredictable and quite incompetant group of mercenaries based on the island of Jern, in the city of Nimith. The general alignment of the group as a whole is Chaotic Neutral.


Ostensibly a mercenary group, little is known about the inner workings, or even the goals of the organization. Those that have hired them for mercenary work have often been disappointed with their bumbling behavior and lazy attitudes. From the painted sign outside of the Order's Clubhouse in Nimith: "Right or wrong, we serve the Slug". This message, although unclear, seems to be their motto.


The Order of the Slug was founded by a former spice trader named Alphonse Hardy after he was found floating in the North Basin, clutching a piece of his wrecked ship, the Pink Bonnet, near one of the Pillars of Hazar. There is no other organizatinal structure besides the leader; every other member has the same rank, if such a thing can be said to exist in the group.


Stories are told among the townspeople of Slug members approaching potential recruits in bars and asking them to attend "information sessions" related to the organization. Anyone who goes to one of these sessions soon becomes an active member.

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