The Great Birth is a theory of creation widely held in many communities across Polaqu. Many scholars try to disprove the theory of The Great Birth, but none have succeeded in proving it is nothing more than illogical. The creation is divided into three separate but equally important stages: The Great Pregnancy, The Great Birth and The Great Relief.

The process of The Great Birth

The Great Pregnancy

In The Great Pregnancy, the earth, the heavens and all the creatures are brewing inside the gigantic womb of The Great Mother. She sheds many tears during this time as the universe is large, and it kicks a lot. Here, nothing yet exists (except within The Great Mother herself, for she is the body from which all things are created). The Great Pregnancy leads into an intermediary stage called The Great Labour.

The Great Labour

This is really just the beginning of The Great Birth but so much happens so quickly that, when the theory is taught, it is given a category of its own. The Great Labour begins with The Great Mother weeping and panting, the water and air that was produced created the skies. Next, she screams and soils herself - this created the earth and the mountains. Finally, she pushes really hard, and the earth begins to form.

The Great Birth

Out of The Great Mothers vagina, spills all the plants and animals, that freckle the newly created earth in the amazing process of birth. Wherever a tree falls, it digs its roots in tight and begins to grow. Wherever an animal falls, it begins to frolic in its new home. The animals created at this time are not the animals you see today, they are proto-versions of their current-day cousins: Equus - who spawned the horse, the zebra and the centaur. Hominid - who spawned Man, Elves and Dwarves. And so on in that fashion.

The Great Relief

Having just created a universe, The Great Mother sighs The Great Sigh of Relief - and magic is born. Eventually, some of the animals will learn to harness this magic. But believers believe its use is sacred and reserved only for true-believers in this myth.

Criticisms of the theory

Of course, the theory is not accurate - it is just what some of the commonfolk of Polaqu believe. Many great scholars and wizards have spent their lives trying to disprove and convince the hoi polloi of the truth but they do not listen, drawing their own reason from The Great Book: "The Great Birth, an Illustrated Tale".

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