The Cult of Lead is a group of depressed and homeless wretches who acquire lead by any means possible. This apparently gives them purpose in life, and they frequently get into trouble for stealing pipes and other lead-based items.


Lead Cultists abound in urban areas where they can hide from law enforcement agents. This is because they are very often thieves. Members of the cult often meet secretly to discuss their plans, identifying themselves by using lead jewelry. Each cell of cultists commonly has a leader with a high Craft (metalworking) skill.


Lead Cultists recruit by approaching disenchanted and homeless individuals, offering them a place in the cult. To gain membership, an applicant must give the cell leader 10 pounds of lead.


Most law enforcement agents regard the cult as a nuisance, one that is for all purposes and intents a robbers gang. However, some diviners have begun to suspect that the Cult of Lead has another hidden agenda.

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