The Barren Isles lie to the east, in the northern section of the Silent Sea.

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A few outcasts make a living on the Barren Isles, but there is no government of any kind. The constant high winds make life there uncomfortable at the least. There are reports of living creatures on Zaltorum, but they do not appear friendly, possibly the survivors of the pirate bands that resided on the island prior to the devastation.

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The seven islands were originally four before 778, and were from east to west Dus Tekis, Ferkuna, Dul Toska, and Zaltorum. Ferkuna fractured into four islands, which no one has bothered naming.


Before the war, the Barren Isles were under the Confederacy of Sandobar. As they marshalled forces against Krish, the cunning leader Fruhak Half-Blood summoned his shamans and commanded them to take a fleet of spellcasters to sail through the Silent Sea and bombard the Confederacy with their magical powers. The attack was so successful that not a single citizen of the Confederacy survived.

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Rumor has it that the ghosts of the Hoss line, the founders of the Confederacy, still wander the Barren Isles, howling at the destruction of their people. There are rumored to be some artifacts hidden on the islands. Dos Tequis yields some wondrous metal items, and its mines are said to hide many other wonders and dangers. The four islands of Fortuna are the most haunted, as the Confederacy's population was concentrated there when the orcs struck. Del Tosca was teeming with life in its swamps, and now there is little there. An ancient city is rumored to be either underground or hidden by a spell that endured even the magical destruction. Saltorum, ringed by a reef, has more undead marine life than any of the other islands. Zombie dragon turtles patrol the waters, and a sahaguin lich is said to claim all those who foolishly trespass.

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