Thammatek is an island in the south-west of Polaqu. Due to its central location, it is one of the less frozen islands. It is also directly above a shallow magma vein, this contributes to its relative heat.


Thammatek is one of two islands belonging to the Zlcak coalition. The other being Jakrimith.

Physical Features

Hirganti Ranges(Central Thammatek)

This mountain range is the habitat of the legendary Hirganti Barbarians, one of the many tribes absorbed into the Zlcak coalition.

Gondil Forest(South Thammatek)

This forest is home to those tribes adapted to jungle living, particularly intense jungle living at that. The forest has many myths and stories, but for every tall story there is a true one.

Plor Forest(North-West Thammatek)

A much more inhabitable forest than its southern cousin, Plor contains less monsters and more humans. Despite the human abundance, the tribesmen treat the forest well and don't take kindly to those who do not.

The Plains (North-East Thammatek)

Most of the country's academics and merchants reside in the plain areas. Visitors to Thammatek generally dock in either Zlcak Capital City (northernmost point) or Geloc (other side of the bay).

Sea of Thammatek (North Thammatek)

This is Thammateks largest lake. It is located directly above a small opening that leads to the core of the globe, and is thus a pleasantly warm 27 (degrees Celcius) all year around.


-Once merely a collection of barbaric tribes 412-Put an end to inter-tribal conflicts, when a retarded tribesman spoke unexpected wisdom to a few of the tribe leaders. 417-Began to accumulate into a common people 455-Zlcak was formally formed, with a common language and set of laws. 459-Zlcak begun to advance its military prowess 608-Invaded neighbouring island, Jakrimith 726-Repelled an onslaught of seamonsters

Of Interest

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