Description Edit

Tallfellow halflings are considered a subrace of other halflings. They are usally five inches or higher than normal. This can be because of family history or genetic mutation. They are described as care-free and lighthearted. They are friendly and gentle and not prone to violence. That does not mean that they will not defend their family if provoked. Their weapons may include simple farming implements and bows. They can be found among other halflings or in small groups. They reach adulthood at age 20 and normally live to 150. They are also can be mischievous and like to wear simple and comfortable clothing. They have black hair as all halflings and brown or black eyes. Tallfellows wear their hair as they see fit, but beards and other facial hair is generally unheard of. They mostly have fair skin, but some tribes and villages may have dark-skinned Tallfellow halflings.

Stats Edit

+2 Dexterity: Tallfellows are quick and limber -2 Strength: They aren't physically strong Small: +1 Armor Class bonus, +1 Attack Bonus, +4 hide check bonus, wield small weapons, Lifting and Carrying only 3/4 of medium creature Base speed land speed of 20 +2 bonus to climb, jump, and move silently: Most Tallfellows, much as other halflings, compete in athletic events that use these skills, as halflings have found themselves to be naturally adept in these skills. +1 racial bonus to all saving throws: Though small, Tallfellows are hardy creatures. +2 bonus against ''fear'' effects: Tallfellows are not easily scared, as they are down-to-earth little creatures. They often scoff at attempts by others to scare them. Children may partake games in which they try to scare each. +1 attack bonus with sling and thrown weapons: Tallfellows are naturally drawn to simple thrown weapons and the sling. +2 bonus to listen checks: Tallfellows have naturally keen ears Language: Halfling and Common: Intelligent Tallfellows learn languages of thier peers,enimies, and friends. Favored Class: Rogue

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