By: Ticattack I did have the idea of making the Planer a spectrepeople-only prestige class, probably something based on the bard, but more on dancing than singing. I tried to put this down, but the only things I could get down would have been horrendously overpowered. So, if someone else can think of a way of doing it, please do so, because I can't get my head around it. If not, I guess this should be deleted or something.

I hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing this, but I thought some explanation, and a request for someone else to do this might be better than just leaving a blank page.

By: Oderic How's this?

By: Ticattack, on the 15/08/05 That's good, I was completely stumped on that one. I just made one minor change, the Earth plane should deal bludgeoning damage, as opposed to acid. I just can't see the relation between Earth, and Acid (Although if someone can, please point it out to me).

I figured I should put this on the discussion page, instead of the front page. Makes it look a bit messy.

By: Oderic, on the 16/8/05 The idea of a dance-based prestige class is cool, so what was meant to be a kick-start ended up as an entire class. If you have any changes, please feel free to add them. Acid is the only element that I could think of at the time, but bludgeoning actually makes more sense. What if Water dealt more damage than the others, say twice as much, but non-lethal? The link between Cold and Water is not very obvious, so I thought this would be more appropriate.

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