Paladin CodeEdit

It seems to me that there should not be one unified Paladin Code. Some religions will have them (the strongly LG ones); Others will not. But just because you share strong convictions that put you firmly in the LG category is not the same as saying you believe the same things about what is good, and what is evil. This is largely determined by ones religious creed, and culture. Take note: I am not saying there is no such thing as a moral absolute: there is! I simply don't think that giving all Paladins the exact same code of conduct makes sense. I'd like to see some small differences between groups. In this way it will make it possible for LG characters to come up against LG protagonists, at least in part, due to deeply held (on the part of the character) beliefs. Real life is full of these kinds of conflicts. —Crunchybits

Yeah, I agree. A code for each paladin circle makes more sense and play more interesting. Unfortunately, we have no paladin circles yet. Feel free to makes some, and update this page.

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