They gain bonuses to some odd stuff, and suck in melee combat. Playtesting would be very appreciated. Mathx314(talk)(email) 12:05, 10 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Playtested, they make very good Wizards. Would get rid of knowedge ability, because 95% of these guys would be wizards, who get that already. I am going to try a rouge and a ranger tonight, I'll let you guys know how that works out. Not a big fan of the name either. -- LordOfTheSquirells

Apon more playtesting, theese guys are too good. In a good party, a wizard/ranged ranger will almost never be in melee combat, and the benefits are great. I reduced speed to 30 ft, and the inititive bonus to +1. on an unrelated note I changed all knoledge skills are class skills to you get one free crossclass skill as a class skill, which I haven't playtested yet. -- LordOfTheSquirells

Revision Notes:

  • Increased Charisma penalty to -4 penalty to balance out the stats somewhat.
  • Added lowlight vision, if they are decended from elves, they would naturally have it. Though I reduced it to 30 feet, to illistrate the distant (some might say deluted) elven genetics present in the Creebin race.
  • Removed +1 initative bonus, in faovor of giving them the Improved Initative feat, as a bonus feat.
  • Removed additional penalties to diplomacy, intimidate, etc. Instead, I increased the Charisma penalty; which is more uniform and has almost the same effect. It was nessisary to penalize the stats a little bit more, because both Dexterity and Ingelligence are "high value" stats. That is, they come into play more often than Charisma, and would have unbalanced the Creebin statistics.
  • I like the Bonus Class Skill idea. It's not unbalancing, it's not done every day and it adds flavor. Addded: "If a Creebin chooses as skill that is already a class skill, he gains a +2 compitence bonus in that skill." This way Creebin that take their initial class in a class with lots class skills don't feel pushed into taking a skill that they feel they will never use.
  • It's ok to have a frail race, but initially, Creebin where just too frail. Giving the Creebin a -2 penalty to attack rolls seems... well... overkill to weaken them. This is especially true when the penalty to strengh is taken into account.
  • I'm leaving the Favored class alone, but if Creebin are light, fast, smart and somewhat frail it seems that Rogue might be a better fit for favored class. That is flavor change, more than anything else, so I'll leave it up to others to make.


I suggest giving them a bonus not to a sword, but to some sort of ranged weapon. This would make optimum use of their +2 Dex bonus. They suck in Melee unless you want to put a high stat into a slot that will take penalties. That's my two cents. —Crunchybits

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