Stormhold is one of the inner islands, northeast of the Maelstrom. It is compassed in the north by the Sea of Storms, in the south by the Long Channel, and to the west by the Race (so-called for the speed of the current as the Sea of Storms empties into the Maelstrom). The closest major islands are Narn and Nord to the south; Kordahar and Nau Salu to the east; Vallbok to the north; and Golgodda to the west.

Key InformationEdit

  • Stormhold is both the name of the island and the kingdom that holds dominion over all its lands.
  • Stormhold is primarily a human realm, but includes minorities of many races.
  • The Kingdom of Stormhold signed the first of the many "protection treaties" with Culi Kori.


The entire island is under the dominion of the Kingdom of Stormhold. However, the Creebin city of Kaplaeter is granted its autonomous rule directly from the King.

Physical FeaturesEdit

The island of Stormhold has three distinct regions. The main region occupies the western two-thirds of the island. It resembles a crescent with the tips pointing due south. A marshy isthmus connects this largest area with a smaller land to the east. The smallest region, in fact, an island that lies within the horns of the crescent, separated from the main island by a curling sound, known as The Hook.


Of InterestEdit

  • In the northwest of Stormhold, the Creebin city of Kaplaeter sits atop one of the mountains there. The Creebin living there pay annual tribute to Stormhold, but otherwise remain autonomous.
  • The central marshes are populated with crocodilians of several kinds.

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