Dungeons and Dragons

The sons of war are a group of deities that warriors invoke in their frantic attempts to stay alive for just another day. Pronounciations and spelling may vary according to region, but a worshipper of G'kan from the far north will recognise a temple to his god in the far south.


The god of honorable duelling, G'kan is the patron of chivalrous warriors and benevolent leaders. He is a Lawful Good deity that is commonly visualized as a stern man wearing a chain shirt and holding a rapier, his favored weapon, in one hand. G'kan grants the Good, Law, and War Domains.


Zekera is the god of wanton destruction. Shameless in his disregard for life, he encourages his followers to treat their own existence as a chance to end other's existence. At the height of the war, the worship of Zekera was especially prevalent. He is a Chaotic Evil deity that is depicted as a massive warrior clad in armor so spiked that it is a miracle he can move without piercing himself. Zekera grants the Chaos, Evil, Destruction, and War domains. His favored weapon is the heavy flail. He is also the only son of war known to have a wife, the minor goddess Meza.

Haku Raka

Riding his heavy warhorse Ujin, Haku Raka is the master of cavalry warriors. He exalts mounted combat as the highest form, and his clergy are expected to spend plenty of time in the saddle (or bareback, which is even better). The Chaotic Neutral god of riders is shown as a lightly armored man with flowing hair and a lance, his favored weapon, either across his shoulders or pointing ahead in one hand. Of all the sons of war, he is seen as the most carefree. His clerics recieve the Animal, Travel, and War domains.


Dour and humorless, Aeru is the Iron Tower, the god of survival and persistence. He is seen as a gray middle-aged man with white hair who wields a tower shield that has been repaired countless times with different materials. Neutral in outlook, his tireless clerics have the Healing, Protection, and War domains. His favored weapon is the battleaxe, a weapon with some use outide the battlefield.