These are shields in addition to those available in standard D&D.

  • Kel-Par Shell Shield: A Kel-Par shell shield is the shell taken off a Kel-Par, dried and treated to make it sturdier. Only leeches are known to use these shields, as Kel-Par do not look kindly upon those that wield these items. To have an enemy in the neutral creatures generally outweighs the benefits of using this shield. A Kel-Par shell shield is treated as a +1 tower shield, but is neither metal nor wood (for effects that affect either). Leech craftsmen and mystics have worked the shield with another feature, however. The wielder of a Kel-Par shell shield may release it and wield it as a weapon instead. Used this way, it is a two-handed weapon that deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage and deals x2 damage on a critical hit. It counts as a magic weapon for purposes of penetrating damage reduction. The shield bonus obviously no longer applies, but nor does the Armor Check penalty or the tower shield attack penalty. Moderate abjuration; CL 8th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Price 16,500 gp; Weight 35 lb.

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