In the dawn of time, there was nothing but the great ocean, Laq Ush. In the swirling, bubbling chaos of the ocean, came one creature, known as the Great One.

And the Great One had infinite power, and lowered the oceans, and created dry lands.

But deep in the depths of the ocean, the Dark One also rose. He fought the Great One for a millenia, until finally, the Great One fell. And his body fed the world, and plants grew, and Sahuagin came to eat the plants. Sahuagin developed further to become the land races: among them humans and elves.

The Sahuagin ruled the world for an aeon, and created the Raets, crossbred between the Sahuagin and humans. The Raets fought the Sahuagin, and then fled to deeper depths in the ocean, where they now hide.

From the ocean, more gods emerged, including the Lord of the Raets, known as Naar. Naar overpowered the Dark One, and now he too lies dead, feeding the darkness of the world. And now, the pantheon argues and bickers, and so the Raets are left alone in the world, as the only portal between the Great One and the Ocean.

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