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Raet, the language of the aquatic race of the raets, is a common language in the oceans of Polaqu. Surprisingly, however, the word "Raet" means nothing in this language, and in fact few people even believe that Raet means anything. It was discovered, upon the first peaceful contact between humans and raets, that, interestingly enough, the sounds of the Raet language correspond to spellings in Common. However, the raets have a strong belief that the written language should never be known, and so the spellings of these words are not known.


When translating letters in Common to their sounds in Raet, use the following table:

a = a
b = v
c = ss
d = ar
e = a
f = r
g = n
h = d
i = e
j = a
k = sv
l = m
m = arc
n = v
o = a
p = m
q = j
r = ch
s = m
t = r
u = x
v = er
w = uth
x = ar
y = ax
z = k
br = vah
cl = sh
dr = dar
fl = m
gr = nah
nk = av
pr = meh
rt = char
tr = rah
wr = uch
ing = an

Special Rules

Of course, a few special rules exist.

  • Count only the first letter that is doubled.
  • Ignore all "th" letter combinations.
  • When translating compound words, separate all components by a dash or space.
  • Add an apostrophe to separate any hard to pronounce parts of a Raet word.


  • Polaqu – Mamaj'x
  • Raet – Chaar
  • Laq Ush – Maj X'md
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