Polaquin Draconic is the language spoken by dragons in Polaqu. It is a highly versatile and flexible, if uncommon, language. Currently few words are known of this ancient tongue, as it mostly survives on ancient tablets and scrolls, place names (such as Polaqu), and the minds of a few crazed monks living in Nau Salu("the links"), who rarely speak, save to each other, accept few into their order, and let even less leave.


As stated above, few words are known of Polaquin Draconic. The few that are are listed here.


  • laqi - "island"
  • sali - "link"


  • po - "many"


  • na - definite article "the"
  • ka - indefinite article "a"

Other Words

  • -in - "of the"


Polaquin Draconic does not use gender for nouns. All improper nouns in Polaquin Draconic end in "i". Pluralization changes this "i" to a "u".(laqi "island" > laqu "islands") Adjectives are placed in front of nouns, after articles, and may be compounded with the noun in some cases, particularly when used to name a place, as in Polaqu (po laqu "many islands" > polaqu "many islands"). Where two consecutive vowels are the same and they belong to separate words, an apostrophe (') is used between said vowels.(laqi "island" + suffix -in "of the" > laqi'in "of the island")

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