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The Polaquin Calendar is basically the same as our own Julian Calendar, simply with renamed months, seasons and days of the week. It operates on a cycle of ten days in a week, four weeks a month, twelve months a year, and every fourth year is a leap year. Every 25th year which would be a leap year is not a leap year. Every 400th year is always a leap year and every year divisible by 516 contains only the first 11 months. Months are taken from Celestial roots, such as Froe'ji, or the First of Winter. Dates are given in the format Date Month Year, Season.

Dates preceding Year 1 of the Polaquin Calendar are given as "BC" or "Before Calendar".

Days of the Week

Sunday = Monaep
Monday = Du'ji
Tuesday = Trij'd
Wednesday = Caet
Thursday = Qi'nt
Friday = Ses'yer
Saturday = Setner
8th day = Nov'ji
9th day = Qesij
10th day = Detes


January = Froe'ti
February = Froe'li
March = Tul'ji
April = Tul'ti
May = Tul'li
June = Ign'ji
July = Ign'li
August = Ign'ti
September = Neur'ji
October = Neur'ti
November = Neur'li
December = Froe'ji


Winter = The Freezing
Spring = The Growing
Summer = The Preserving
Autumn = The Burning
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