Splitting the North Basin from the South Basin, rising dramatically straight up out of the ocean, are the four Pillars of Hazar. Islands of columnar stone, miles-wide, they grasp upward into the sky for thousands of feet. The Pillars are surrounded by treacherous underwater outcroppings of stone that make it impossible to venture close (the few who claim to have succeeded are scoffed at).

Despite the imposing nature of the Pillars, their most remarkable physical feature are the giant engravings that cover every foot of the columns from the waterline (and possibly below) to the summits. Enigmatic faces, fantastic creatures, and various symbols have been the focus of scholarly debate for centuries. Another remarkable feature of the Pillars is the existence of a shielding that prevents magics of any kind to be employed around them. Powerful mages and wizards have tried countless spells to reach the summits of the Pillars, only to fail again and again. This shielding includes a sorcery that deters all flying creatures as well.

No one knows what is at the top, but they mystery continues to appeal to adventurers and treasure-seekers across Polaqu.

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