A paladin is a fervent knight of his deity. He is a champion of justice, a destroyer of evil. Paladins in Polaqu differ slightly from the standard described in PHB.



Must be LG. Must worship a god.

Special MountEdit

At 5th level, the paladin receives a special mount. In Polaqu, mounts are generally not heavy warhorses or warponies. In truth, they tend to be pretty much anything but. Rhinoceros, dire animals, fast, obedient bovines, elephants...

Special OrdersEdit

Some paladin orders waive the multiclass restriction for certain classes:

see Organizations

Paladin CodeEdit

  • 1. No cheating
  • 2. No lying
  • 3. Always help the innocent
  • 4. Defend your honour. Defend the honour of those who cannot defend their own

-amendment: provided that their beliefs coincide with yours

  • 5. Bring justice to evil doers.
  • 6. Grant mercy whenever it is asked for.


A paladin who is no longer LG, loses the function of all class abilities and can gain no more levels in paladin until they return to LG and atone themselves. Atonement in Polaqu can only be granted through the church

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