Each one of the Outer Planes represents an alignment, except for True Neutral. In this respect, Polaqu represents the alignment of True Neutral. The Outer Planes rotate around Polaqu in an irregular manner. Each is evenly spaced from the other. When the Outer Planes are aligned with the alignments of the stationary Elemental Planes, Polaqu is typically a more peaceful place. When the alignments conflict, war ensues. Polaqu is currently submerged in a conflicting arrangement. On each Outer Plane, magic with the descriptors of the relevant alignments are enhanced, and opposite alignments are impeded. One pecularity of the Outer Planes is that regular inhabitants can be found on every one of them. These inhabitants have alignments that are usually that of their plane, and at most one step off on either one or both axes. For these people, "normal" traits are those of their home planes. For instance, a native of Malebolge would be weaker on Polaqu because of the Light Gravity of Malebolge.

List of Outer PlanesEdit

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