Many, many, many groups operate in Polaqu. They range from simple organizations of commoners to powerful cabals of wizards. Many of the more martial organizations work as mercenaries in the Great War, helping whatever country will pay them the most, while others work for a single country. Still others are freeloaders, ignoring politics entirely. They range from the purest and most holy to the most vile and putrid groups imaginable. To add your group to the list, simply put a brief description with a link under the appropriate column. Also put a [[Category:Organizations]] tag on the page to file it under Category:Organizations.

Citizen GroupsEdit

The Cult of LeadEdit

The Cult of Lead is a cult that appears to be composed of misfits who hoard large amounts of lead for some unfathomable purpose. Often referred to as "Lead Heads" by those derisive of their goals.

Balmoon Militia Edit

A terrorist group that plots to overthrow the government of Balmoon through violent means.

Fighter GroupsEdit

Aquan PiratesEdit

The Aquan Pirates are a group of Neutral Evil raiders based in Laq Ush.

Valor's CallEdit

Valor's Call is legion of human knights devoted to defending all humans from outside aggressors during the Great War. They are based in Stormhold.

Magic GroupsEdit

Necromancers of the DeepEdit

NotD Logo

Logo of the Necromancers of the Deep

Operating from deep within Laq Ush, the Necromancers of the Deep, a LE group composed primarily of Raets and Sahuagin, work to fulfill their dark motives. Using death and undeath, they work together to try to bring all within their control.

Mercenary GroupsEdit

The Order of the SlugEdit

The Order of the Slug is a group of unpredictable mercenaries based on the island of Jern.

Noble AssassinsEdit

The Noble Assassins are a group of assassins who don't kill anyone without written consent from the founders of the group.

Religeous GroupsEdit

The Dragon CultEdit

This cult is the religion of the Kobolds, and others who revere Dragons as the gods many of them would have the world believe them to be.

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