Nord is one of the central, or inner, islands. It is southeast of the Maelstrom. To the north is the Long Channel. To the east is the Green Sea. The Small Sea is south and the Blood Sea is west. The nearest major islands are Narn to the northeast, Stormhold to the north, Dagwarth to the west, Krish to the south, and the many small isles of the Maze to the southeast.

Key InformationEdit


Nord is also the name of the elven kingdom that controls this entire island.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Nord is a hilly, forested island. Across the rolling hills, stands of elfwood intermingle with the more mundane deciduous trees. The island is ringed by 9 gigantic white trees that are easily visible from neighbouring islands.


Of InterestEdit

  • The Great War of recent times was initiated by the invasion of Nord by Krish.

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