Moolek Naar is a northern island. It is, in fact, the northern portion of one of the larger islands in Polaqu. A very mountainous isthmus connects Moolek Naar to Moolek Saar, the southern portion of the island. However, Polaquians traditionally view them as separate, as the isthmus is impassable. The Bitter Ocean surrounds most of Moolek Naar. The nearest major islands are Vallbok to the east; Cul Zeed, Balmoon, and Caru Athi lying west to southwest; and the Far Banks to the north.

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Physical FeaturesEdit

  • Moolek Naar shares two gulfs with Moolek Saar, with the connecting isthmus in between. There is also a northern gulf facing the Bitter Ocean.
  • Moolek Naar is heavily forested, especially the west and north. The center area is mountainous, being the northern extension of the backbone of the whole connected island. Just east of these mountains is an area of coastal plains. The northwest headland area is hilly and forested.


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