Meza is the wife of Zekera, the god of wanton destruction. The legend goes that Meza was a peace-loving monk travelling through the lands when she was accosted by bandits. She defended herself with the aid of a wounded mercenary, Zekera. The unscrupulous warrior demanded payment from the monk, who had taken a vow of poverty upon joining the monastery. Instead she offered to carry his equipment, and joined him as a diplomat to offset his gruff and callous nature. Eventually they became close, despite their differing outlooks. As he spilled ever more blood (sometimes unneccessarily), Meza wondered whether they could ever be more than travelling companions.

The end came when a pit fiend approached Zekara after a particularly bloody campaign and asked him to convert Meza to the path of evil. In return, Zekara would receive weapons and armor forged in the depths of the darkest smithies of Abaddon. The opportunistic killer agreed, and attempted to seduce the monk. They bought a house and lived together, getting married but not having any children due to Meza's vows (Zekera interpreted them very literally). Years passed peacefully, and the devil grew impatient with Zekera. He summoned his hordes and visited the country house in the night. Zekera had expected his arrival and was seated in his porch, clad in his armor and battle gear. The devil asked Zekera what had taken so long, and Zekera replied that he would give the devil anyone except for his wife. Furious, the pit fiend attacked Zekera with the promised reward, battle regalia forged of blood and suffering.

When Meza awoke, she found her husband in the front of the house, surrounded by the corpses of a thousand devils. His lifeless body had been pierced by a hundred weapons, and both legs and his left arm had been severed. His right hand held the head of the pit fiend, his fingers buried in its eye sockets. The monk wept bitterly for her love, and prayed for his soul. She died the next night, but not before she delivered Zekera's soul from the pits of darkness. They ascended together and became gods, a pair as different as day and night.

Meza is a Lawful Good deity who has the Domains of Good, Law, and Strength. Her favored weapon is the quarterstaff. She is pictured as a humble woman clad in simple clothing and a straw hat. Her appearance belies her power, however. She is the only person to have defeated Zekera in combat and not be killed later for it.

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