Schools of MagicEdit

In Polaqu, two differing philosophies regarding wizardry have emerged. The first, known as the Zenith school, states that spellcasters must trascend mortal concerns and reach into the depths of mystic arcana. Zenith wizards usually come across as aloof and socially inept, but produce astounding results. The second line of reasoning, known as Nadir, states that magic is simply another facet of life and that wizards belong to society as a whole. Spellcasters who subscribe to this are commonly military mages, focusing on practical arcana. They use their spells to augment the day to day running of society, and are more sociable. Whereas a zenith mage stands out like a sore thumb, nadir spellcasters blend in easily with the common population.

Though the wizard colleges have tried to ignore the matter, regarding the zenith-nadir debate to be inconsequential, individual wizards have begun to take sides. Zenith wizards spend most of their time locked up in their studies and wear their full magical accoutrements when in public. They regard their lives as more valuable than a non-wizard, due in part to the phenomenal amount of effort they put into their spellcasting. The most extreme (and there will always be) see clerics and paladins as spineless because they bow and scrape to gods for their spells. Bards are frivolous, while druids and rangers are feral in their magic. Sorcerers are regarded as being dealt a fortunate hand, or even freaks, and that wizards are true magical scholars. Yet zenith wizards learn their place, if not sooner, then later. Society has little patience for wizards who are up themselves, and some learn the hard way. Despite this, few wizards actually get into any real trouble. Serfs who deal daily with stuck up nobles find wizards to be humble in comparison, if a little eccentric.

Nadir wizards dress casually, opting for subdued tones and favoring brown. This gives them the nickname brown mages. If law requires it, they will wear a device declaring them to be wizards, but most of the time they go to and fro about their business like any other tradespeople. On the downside, nadir mages are more likely to be mercenaries, selling their talents to the highest bidder.

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