At the center of Polaqu is the fearsome Maelstrom, also known as Ships' Doom, The Sink, and The Whirl, among other epithets. "All currents lead to the Maelstrom" is a truism throughout Polaqu. Sages and philosophers have, down the ages, pondered why the waters of the world appear to converge and drain into the Maelstrom. Speculation often centers on a direct passage to the Plane of Waters, but none can say for sure.

With "tentacles" spanning miles, this great whirlpool creates a giant roar that carries for leagues on the open waters. Navigation is perilous even to the most skilled seafarers, but is needful along the inner island trade routes. Every ship's crew that ventures near is in dread of hearing the cry, "Too close! Abandon ship, every man for himself..."

See also Geography of Polaqu.

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