Situated in the Sea of Winds, in the South Basin. It's neighbouring island, Thull is separated by a short channel.

Key InformationEdit

  • The backbone of Jern's economy is that it is the only location that Spiceweed seems willing to grow. Many inhabitants run Spiceweed farms.
  • As it is human-held, Jern is mainly used as a stop-over location for human ships on longer voyages to the south


The island of Jern is home to the human colonies of Fenar, Quis, and Laffland, each containing a handful of cities. The three colonies live quite peacefully together, and when necessary, they unite under the banner of The Triangle Kingdom.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Jern is small, slightly hilly, grassy island with no forests or lakes.


Of InterestEdit

  • Home of the bumbling mercenary group The Order of the Slug.
  • On the southern coast of the island lies elaborate stone ruins.

See also Geography of Polaqu.

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