Polaqu is an "open" campaign setting for use with the "sword and sorcery" Role Playing Game of your choice. Anyone can contribute to Polaqu. What does that mean? It means that you can add new things, fix typos, and also use any or all of its content in your own game. To get you acquainted with the world, please read this page.

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An Open Campaign Setting

Everything has a place in Polaqu. Well, not everything, of course. Some things will fit better in Polaqu than others...and some things won't fit at all. For example, you won't find lasers or aircraft carriers in Polaqu. Instead, think Dungeons & Dragons or books like Lord of the Rings, Conan, etc. However, don't be afraid to unleash your imagination. Creativity is encouraged. Have fun!

A World Archipelago

Polaqu is derived from Polaquin Draconic and is translated as many islands. Why? Because Polaqu is a world archipelago. There are no continents, only islands large and small. The Great Ocean, Laq Ush, connects all of these islands.


Polaqu is a world of strife. Warfare has been rampant for decades. An invasion triggered an intricate web of treaties, plunging Polaqu into the Great War. This prolonged conflict has resulted in widespread destruction, famine, and hardship. This era in Polaqu's history is one of darkness, intrigue, and struggle. Adventurers of might and magic stride across this backdrop, pursuing glorious deeds of valor, magnificent treasures, and the Great Unknown...


For more information, see History of Polaqu

In the year 723CR, after rising tensions over territorial and trade disputes, treaties of protection began to be signed. The first such treaty was between the dwarven nation of Culi Kori and the human nation of Stormhold. Other realms followed suit, and slowly but surely an intricate web of promises to provide military support developed. In 778CR, the orc nation of Krish invaded the elven nation of Nord. Nations began invoking their treaties. Soon, almost every realm was involved in battle. Landscapes were devastated, realms fell, and the world was thrust deep into turmoil. It is now the year 806CR, and the world is dark.


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