Humans are the most abundant of the races on Polaqu (although in some areas, this is clearly not true). They are speedy learners and are generally good at whatever they choose as their career. This all-purposeness is what has lead them to be so culturally dominant.

The humans of Polaqu

Humans of Culi Kori

Humans of Nord

Humans from the elven land of Nord are rare. They are generally considered to act more elf like (or pansy-like, depending on the attitude toward elves) than other human races.

Humans of Stormhold

Humans of Krish

Humans of Zlcak

The Zlcak humans are a reformed barbaric and spartan people. They are able combatants and often engage in sparring, as a tool for argument, greeting or even mating dance. Zlcak humans tend to be darker skinned, taller (on average by about one or two inches) and more heavily built.

Humans of Balmoon

The Balmoon Humans are of a proud and noble race, with high cheek bones and blond hair. They are of average size and weight. They typically are good natured, but possesive over food. The men are considered to be the strongest around, as they often partake in wrestling.

General appearance

Humans vary greatly in height, weight and colouring in comparison to the other main races. On average, the males are taller and more muscular. Their height can be anywhere between 4'7" to 6'6" (some even break these boundaries). Their weight is based on their height. Generally, commoners in Polaqu are not fat (they cannot afford to be).

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