Hobgoblins are bigger cousins of goblins, but are most often seen in the presence of orcs. Though not as strong as the orcs, hobgoblins make decent sneaks and therefore fill the roles that orcs have little aptitude for. Examples include assassinations and perhaps recon. Because they are not orcs though, the hobgoblins are treated more as mercenaries than allies (which orcs generally do not have). To call them freelance mercenaries would be erroneous though, as they do not work for any other races (except goblins and maybe the odd kobold tribe). As a result, hobgoblins in Polaqu with high Intelligence usually learn the Orc tongue and perhaps Draconic (to speak with kobolds).

Hobgoblins and War

Hobgoblin are naturally more disciplined than their allies, and could be a threat had they any ambitions other than simply fighting. A hobgoblin camp will always have enough guards no matter what time of day it is, and some even have a night commander and a day commander. The rank and file of the hobgoblin force will usually wear light armor, and the leaders may have equipment of exceptional quality. The most fearsome of all hobgoblins are the dreaded commandos. In the days when the orcs were being driven from Nord, an elite squad of hobgoblin commandos penetrated the heart of the elf stronghold and assassinated one of the gray elf nobles when he was meditating in his chambers. Such a feat is beyond any of the common races, and even today legends abound about how exactly the hobgoblins did it. Alas, the squad was discovered soon after the act and swiftly killed.

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