Dungeons and Dragons

Half-Orcs (or Half-Humans to their orcish parent) are the offspring of an orc and a human. Generally this is non-consensual between a male orc and a female human, whose town has just been razed by an orcish horde. They are usually mildy distrusted throughout the human areas of Polaqu.


Half-Orcs, being the 'mule' of humans and orcs, have no cultural heritage of their own. However, both pure-blood races have a rich cultural background.


Half-Orcs are either regarded as large, ugly, stupid humans or stout, comely, clever orcs. They often have small, slightly protruding tusks, a flatter, longer forehead (in comparison to humans), a slightly green or grey pigmented skin. If the half-orc has grown up in orc society, he is generally very well scarred and may even have small chuncks of flesh missing (usually the ear, finger, lip or nose). Orcs often beat up on half-orcs, just because they can. They also have piercings, crude tattoos or small chunks of metal or bone grafted to their skin (as is common in orc society).


- +2 Str, -2 Int, -2 Cha. In comparison to humans, they are bigger, stronger, dumber and less likable. A half-orc's Intelligence can never drop below 3 (minimum for PC characters). - 60ft Darkvision. Orcs can see and read (if they have learned to) in the dark. - Orc Blood: For all intents and purposes, half-orcs are considered orcs. (eg: a blade of orc-bane is also a blade of half-orc-bane), but no weapon profficensy for orc double waraxe. (Take this founda!!)

Favoured Class

Barbarian. Do not count Barbarian levels for half-orc characters when determining XP penalties.