Drow are onyx skinned, and typically have white or pale hair, and most have red eyes, though white eyes are also common. Men are thin, but extremely well muscled and flexable. Drow females are every bit as tough as their male counterparts, but slightly shorter on average.

Drow are a strongly evil (and typically lawful) aligned subterranean offshoot of the High Elf race. The predominant religion in Drow society is a militant brand of Feradi worship, called F'Daal. The ancient F'Daal religious system is a death-cult which pervades much of Drow society. It was the rise of this belief system that resulted in High-Elf society banishing Drow from their lands, and driving them literally underground.

Drow are loathed and feared throughout the known world. Drow are known to pack few rations in wartime, because F'Daal encourages the consumption of their fallen enemies, and small portions of their mightiest heroes to ensure the continued might of the Drow race. Hence the Drow war-cry, "we shall devour our enemies".

Those who find themselves conquered or occupied by the Drow, even for a short time, will never forget it. Under F'Daal jurisprudence, which governs most of Drow society, all captives are property. Worse, a woman is, "wife" to her captor (even when Drow war against one another) and any previous marriage she may have had is dissolved. As such, wherever the Drow have been, and for cretin wherever they have conquered, Half-Drow will abound as a continual reminder of just how completely they conquer their enemies.

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