When naming a page, follow these conventions:

  • Generally, just call a page whatever the subject is. For instance, the page Necromancers of the Deep is a page about that organization, and Water Running is a page about that feat.
  • If the title is the same as another would be, such as the case for the feat Blindsense, call it it's title, and then in parentheses, the specific thing of that name. So for the feat, put it at Blindsense (feat), and put the mention of the special ability at Blindsense (ability). Then, go to the page Blindsense, and use the {{disambig}} template to mark it as a disambiguation page.
  • Years should be simply the number of the year. So an article about the year 231 would be at 231.
  • Capitalize proper nouns.
  • Use the gerund form of verbs, such as Water Running instead of Water Runs or Water Ran.
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