Dagwarth is one of the central islands. It is just southwest of the Maelstrom. It is bounded by the South Basin to the north and west, and the Blood Sea to the south and east. The closest major islands are Nord to the east, Golgodda to the north, Thammatek to the southwest, and Krish to the south.

Key Information


Physical Features

Dagwarth and Nord are similar in shape, roughly columnar on a north-south axis. The northern tip of Dagwarth is forested, and the middle portion of the island has an east-to-west stretch of woods as well. The northeastern coast is hilly with few major harborages. The southeastern coast, around an oxbow bay, rises dramatically out of the Blood Sea and continues inland as a series of mountainous ranges. The central part of the island is gently rolling farmland and pasturage.


Of Interest

See also Geography of Polaqu.

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