This page is much like the Sharn Inquisitive feature on the Wizards of the Coast D&D page for the Eberron setting. It is a newspaper of the recent happenings in Polaqu, and also serves as a plot feature for DMs, if they would like to use it. If you would like to use it, simply shape the world demographics as you see fit based on the new rules. Please, feel free to add new events! Please use the date format presented in the Polaquin Calendar

23 Tul'ti 805, The Growing

Huge numbers of mind swarms destroyed small villages in Stormhold last night. Stormhold has sent a call out to all able spellcasters to help deal with the ever-growing swarms.

9 Tul'ti 805, The Growing

Nordic forces overrun a Krish stronghold. Krish is reported to have suffered the deaths of nearly 500 warriors, while Nord has only lost 13. Krish Grazgh, ruler of Krish, is reported to have named this a holy war, and plans to step up on the capture of local Krish trolls.

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