The Culi Kori lands are beautiful: majestic grassy planes – called lowlands – are peppered with great jagged stones that protrude from the earth: which meet great mountain highlands that are often snow capped. The commanding stones that meet the traveler in the lowlands are often rune-carved and speak of great deeds long ago by the ancestors of the dwarven clans. The highlands conceal nearly impenetrable sub-surface fortified cities, that are often connected by a series of underground maze-work: these hallowed halls do not give-up secrets easily.


  • Current Ruler: High-Thane Yugti Oedius
  • Type: Feudalism
  • Capital City: Rungonridge
  • Major Personages:

Culi Kori has a long history of Feudalism; in which smaller Dwarven clans swear loyalty to larger ones. This causes Culi Kori politics to be rather confusing to the outsider, and sometimes only slightly less so to natives. The ruling council of elders – called the Ho'Daadjah Council is made up of the patriarchs of the largest of the Dwarven clans of Culi Kori. The council currently has 47 sitting members (though this number fluctuates over time) called Thanes. The High-Thane holds the highest executive power within the Ho'Daadj council. The position of High-Thane is appointed by the the Thanes, and held until death.


  • Total: 7,235
  • Racial: Human: 0.02%, Halfling: 0.0%, Elf: 0.0%, Half-Elf: 0.0%, Half-Orc: 0.0%, Gnome 0.0%, Dwarf 99.98%

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It is worth noting that the Dwarves of Culi Kori do write on tables of stone, as they have for all of their history preferring its permanence. Unlike other races that have that have moved to paper, papyrus, or leather; together with ink an quill, the Culi Kori language (both ancient and modern) are written right-to-left.

The largest mountain in the known world, Mt. Kor Tel-Kuvakh, is located in the Culi Kori realm. The mountain takes its name from the first words known to be spoken at its summit. The ancient explorer Darg, Son of Hahka, of clan Faalark reached the precipice and gasped the words, “Kor Tel-Kuvakh” meaning, “Help! [I] cannot breathe”. The explorer died on the way down from the mountain, but the expression, and the name stuck.

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