Map of Cul Zeed


Cul Zeed is a smaller island situated north of the Maelstrom. To the south is the Sea of Storms. Moolek Saarlies to the east, Balmoon and then Caru Athi to the northwest and Culi Kori to the southwest.

Key InformationEdit


One realm lays claim to the whole island, the country of Cul Zeed, and it is home to a non-human and xenophobic race, the Cullzedians. The realm has its own currency (One Zerthul = 100 Necs). Cullzedians are known for their skills in finance and banking - Cul Zeed is a wealthy realm.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Cul Zeed is mostly flat. About 45% of the land is used for subsistence farming, about 20% is urbanized, and the remainder is natural landscape. There are many streams but only a few significant rivers flowing through Cul Zeed.


The history of this island is dated back into 100 CR, when the first tribes of cullzedians sailed to the island. Due to their xenophobia, little is known of the Culzeedians prior to this time. Near 150, all of the tribes united for the common good. Since then, Cul Zeed has flourished as a center of financial commerce and banking. Cul Zeed was the only country that didn't need to sign any peace treaties with other islands.

Of InterestEdit

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