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The island of Cul Zeed has one realm of the same name.


The island is primarily flat but rolling grassy plains. You can find many exotic plants on this island. Beware of the dread blossom swarms scattered in the north.


  • Current Ruler: The Council of Equals
  • Type: Centralized bureaucracy
  • Capital City: Cuarit
  • Major Personages:

Even when tribal, Culzeedians tended toward consensus and sharing of tribal resources to all members. Since the country was declared, laws have gradually built a system of bureaucracy and an economy where goods are distributed equally. Every 10 years a free election is made to install the Council of Equals, composed of 21 members.

Outsiders marvel about this type of government, but it has worked well for the Culzeedians. Manufactory places are owned by the bureaucracy, while the merchants are actually free and can do what they want, except for the fact that they pay additional taxes for being a merchant.


  • Total: 2 000 000
  • Racial:
Cullzedian (94%)
Goatfolks (3%)
Dwarfs (2%)
Centaurs (0.5%)
Human (0.5%)

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