The Confederacy of Sandobar was a group of four islands in the northern section of the Silent Sea. The four islands were:

  • Ferkuna
  • Dus Tekis
  • Dul Toska
  • Zaltorum

Each island was ruled by a council of elders, and these elders selected an overall leader (the High Elder) to negotiate on behalf of the Confederacy. The High Elder had little true power, however, and was limited severely by the island councils.

The population of the Confederacy had a mix of various races. Many who were considered social outcasts on the other islands traveled to the Confederacy to start their lives anew. There was even a small contingent of Lizard Folk living on Dul Toska.

Ferkuna was the largest island, with a population of 15,000. It had a major port (Lo Tyval) through which most of the items traded to the islands passed. It's active volcano survived the destruction of the war and still erupts sporadically. There was a great deal of good farm and pasture land there, as well as a rather dense jungle on the windward side of the island.

Dul Toska was considered by many to be cursed. The largest city was on the southern coast (Akellonea). Akellonea was surrounded by many small villages and fishing communities but to the north a great swamp covered half of the island. There were rumors of an ancient city lost deep in the swamp, filled with wonders and horrible monsters.

Zaltorum, the smallest of the islands, is surrounded by a reef, and it is extremely hazardous to visit. The population before the Confederacy's destruction was somewhat xenophobic, but were forced into the Confederacy by political pressure from Ferkuna. There was a sand bar off the western coast of the island where goods are traded. It is suggested that many of the occupants of Zaltorum were engaged in piracy.

Dus Tekis had, at its peak, 10,000 inhabitants, mostly in small villages and holdings. It was rich in metals but mines dug into the ground tend to attract the attention of orcs and goblins. There was always honest work for adventurers, and an abundance of weaponry and armor like no other island in the Confederacy. Adventurers sometimes travel to Dus Tekis to seek these valuable items. Few returned with what they sought.

After being razed from the sea by orc sorcery, the Confederacy ceased to exist. The force of the blasts split Ferkuna into four pieces, leaving the seven isles that are seen today. Now the former confederacy is a wasteland known as the Barren Isles. Few civilized people could fathom the magnitude of the destruction unleashed by the orcs. This heinous act earned Krish no friends and some whisper that the ghosts of the Sandobarns haunt the Barren Isles still. Those are most often the ones that returned from the isles, claiming to have encountered the shades of Sandobar.

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