Small Island in the North Western Corner of the Continent

Key InformationEdit

Avoid Halfling Tribes that live in the center of the island. The Balmoon Militia is a terrorist group that resides on this island.


Deneroth- A small, mainly human kingdom ruled by King Ferith the II. It has little outside contact and is said to be the remains of a kingdom from far-off who had to flee thier homeland and was shipwrecked here. The people mostly live as fisherman and according to the Denerothian census, 2031 humans and other civil races live in the kingdom. For foreign adventurers looking to settle here, a tax of 500 gp must be payed annually. The current king is said to be just and wise. He will be succeded by his son, Price Cereth. Note: Tribes of Independant Halflings live further inland.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Grassy coastal areas, Hills towards the center of the Island. Numerous caves dot the coastline. The Kane River runs from the hills to the ocean.


Wild halflings have long lived here as nomadic hunters that wondered the island. They are simple folk and were scared when tall creatures that spoke another language came washed up on shore after a particullary violent storm. The tall folk settled in near the coastal and slowly expanded thier settlement. The humans were hostile towards the halflings and there has been many clashes between the two races. The humans have developed the kingdom of Deneroth. The halflings have made a move to start a war by burning down Fort Perth. A major engagement of the two was at the Kane River

Of InterestEdit

Denerothian Noble Palace, Salty Air Tavern, Rekoth Training Academy, Ruins of Fort Perth

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