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* Strongly good-aligned
* Strongly good-aligned
==See also==
''See also [[Cosmology]]''
* [[Cosmology]]
[[Category:Outer Planes]]
[[Category:Outer Planes]][[Category:Cosmology]]

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Avalon is the Lawful Good Outer Plane. It is a large island, with cliffs estimated to be many miles tall leading down to the seas below. The land is filled with a light mist. Angels dwell on Avalon, no one grows old, and there is no hate, malice, or greed. Avalon has the following traits:

  • Light Gravity
  • Flowing Time: for every minute spent on Avalon, five minutes pass on Polaqu
  • Finite
  • Divinely Morphic
  • Strongly law-aligned
  • Strongly good-aligned

See also Cosmology

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