Assassins in Polaqu hide their career from other people. Some are simply guns-for-hire, so to speak, others are members of upstanding guilds.

Assassin guilds

Assassin guilds, even more so than thieves guilds, need to be easy to contact but hard to find. They are suspected to be everywhere by paranoids and nowhere by optimists, even assassins couldn't honestly say how many guilds there are accross the lands.

The Noble Assassins

These lawful-inclined contract killers do exactly that, kill whoever is described on the contract. These assassins are extremely reliable and have members posted all over Polaqu, both above and below ground. Most of their guildhouses are concealed as taverns that brew terrible, expensive beer or spell component houses.

Government killers

Not a guild, as such, but every successful government has something that resembles a government assassin. The evil governments often are made up entirely of them.

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