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The Aquan Pirates are a small but deadly group of pirates that raid, pillage, and plunder coastal towns throughout Polaqu. Taken as a whole, the group is Neutral Evil.


The leader of the Aquan Pirates is Captain James Blackland (NE Half-elf fighter 17), who once served in the Great War. He decided, however, that it was not of his liking to serve a nation, and decided to gain his own wealth through piracy.


Entry into the Aquan Pirates is relatively simple, considering the harsh group they are. In order to join, a character must swear an oath of fealty to Blackland, and must also hand over all equipment of theirs. They are given in return a masterwork longsword, a masterwork buckler, and a composite longbow (strength rating +2). As they advance in rank in the pirates, they are give more equipment to better help with raids.


The Aquan Pirates have an elaborate system to help them determine treasure ratings for members. Each rank is a number. The rank of 1 is given only to the leader of the pirates, who is currently Captain Blackland. He gains 25% of all treasure gained in a raid, as well as all artifacts (for safe-keeping, he claims). Rank 2 is given to his four underlings, each of whom get 10% of the treasure. Rank 3 is given to the captains of individual ships. They determine the amount of remaining treasure they get. Rank 4 goes to group leaders. The typical ship has 7 or 8 groups. They generally split up 60% of the remaining treasure among each other equally. The final group, Rank 5, is given to inductees. They split the remaining treasure however they feel like.

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